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Junior Team Tennis 2016

“Win or Lose we play as one. This is My Team.”
2016 Junior Team Tennis League basic information. Should you choose to join our JTT league and register, please visit our t-shirt section on the website to submit your t-shirt size.
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Bill of Rights for Young Athletes

When winning is kept in perspective, sport programs produce young people who enjoy sports, who strive for excellence, who dare to risk error to learn, and who grow with both praise and constructive criticism. When winning is kept in perspective, there is room for fun in the pursuit of victory—or, more accurately, the pursuit of victory is fun. With proper leadership, tennis programs can produce young people who accept responsibilities, who accept others, and most important, who accept themselves.


Junior Team Tennis 2015

“Win or Lose we play as one.  This is My Team.” USTA JTT promotes social skills and important values by fostering a spirit of cooperation and unity, as well as self-growth. Whether they win or lose, kids learn that succeeding is really more about how they play the game. Our 2015 season of JTT league will […]


Chart for Gear

With the smaller courts, lower-bouncing balls and smaller racquets designed for those 10 and under and used in the QuickStart Tennis play format, kids are able to rally and play the game early on. That makes tennis fun and …


The Rules Have Changed

The new program is designed around the same concepts as Little League Baseball and other youth sports such as soccer and basketball, all of which use equipment and field/court sizes scaled to the size of young children.