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01 February, 2015
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Join us:


Welcome to Junior Team Tennis:

On behalf of USTA Midwest & Chicago Polish Tennis Association, we are very pleased to announce 2nd season of Junior Team Tennis League.


Our 2015 season of JTT league will start in January 2015 and have its grand finale in July. Chicago Champions of each division will be able to participate in Midwest Regional Championships in the 1st week of August. Register now!

How does it work?

In the 2-hour match kids will play 1 boys singles, 1 girls singles, 1 boys doubles, 1 girls doubles, and two mixed doubles. Matches are planned to be played using two courts at Five Seasons, using match schedule below.

Matches will have no ad scoring. Each team should have a name of the team, and in the near future we are planning on having shirts with the team logo for each team.

Schedule for each match:

  • 10min on court warm up
  • 35min singles (2)
  • 35min mixed doubles (2)
  • 40min doubles (2)

Every ongoing match will be stopped at those time slots and score will be reported including the game score. The final score will be based on the amount of matches won, if there is a tie, decision will be based on the number of games each team has acquired.

Why Junior Team Tennis?

USTA JTT promotes social skills and important values by fostering a spirit of cooperation and unity, as well as self-growth. Whether they win or lose, kids learn that succeeding is really more about how they play the game.

This program is overseen by USTA Midwest office and Chicago Polish Tennis Association.

  • USTA Jr. Team Tennis offers team play for kids ages 5-18.
  • After registering, kids are immediately placed on teams and organized based on age and play level.
  • Teams are preferably co-ed, but can be single gender (boys only or girls only).
  • Round robin and non-elimination formats are used to maximize participation and match experience.
  • National junior tennis championship competitions.
  • USTA Membership is required.

For more info contact:

League Coordinator: Bartek Jozwiak at 773.610.7085 or via email; bartek@time4tennis.org

Player registration:

Click here!