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Collaborate and Ask More of Tennis…


Our Mission

Enhancing the lives of disadvantage youths in Chicagoland by making tennis more affordable and providing opportunities for tennis growth and talent development.


Because more kids deserve to have a chance to take on tennis.
We believe that:
– by empowering youth with the skills, values and experiences that the game of tennis carries, they will remain in and succeed in school, become more responsible and productive citizens.
– by making tennis resources more collaborative between tennis clubs, associations and schools, the offering and opportunities will grow.


We foster collaboration through training, workflows, private partnerships, charity events, efficient utilization of special program grants and by building Time4Tennis Youth Development Fund.
Time4Tennis promotes innovative tennis instruction, education, life skills, and leadership development programming in neighborhoods throughout the Chicagoland area.


We utulize our expertise and resource to enable highly successful programs that will provide local institutions with opportunities to enrich youth’s life with values drawn from the game of tennis. Ou Life Building Skills Programs will include: Teamwork, Discipline, Dealing with Adversaries, Ethics, Sportsmanship, Integrity, Kids Play Days, Junior Team Tennis and National Junior Tennis League.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy and actions rest on the following:

Knowledge (Sharing experience & education)
Integrity (Acting with honesty, ethics and fairness)
Unity (Sharing vision & values to anticipate and create future)

We commit to:
– inspire, guide and educate,
– empower institutions to provide tennis
– integrate schools of thought and tennis value
– back everything with evidence
– not persuade,
– act with compassion, without judgment or ego

We are a chapter of National Junior Tennis Learning Organization. The NJTL (National Junior Tennis and Learning) is a network of community based organizations that develop the character of young people by emphasizing the ideals and life of Arthur Ashe.







We are a CTA (Community Tennis Association), “any incorporated, not-for-profit, volunteer-based organization that supports and provides programs which promote and develop the growth of tennis.”